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To respect historical values and aim at a bright future.

More than 51 years of development, Phong Phu became a leading company of Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex),
Phong Phu’s development has grown and strength in all the field of activity, diversified brand products. The main areas of activity are
textile, Phong Phu always create a strong foothold and enhance its position by unique products, quality, environmental friendliness,
achieved international certification, pace with the general trend of the world textile industry.

Textiles of Phong Phu with key products such as yarn, garments, towels and all kinds of home textile products, denim, knitwear and
garments, luxury laundry service. With the slogan of all service because of customer satisfaction, market share of Phong Phu have
been spread across the country and reaching out to overseas markets such as Europe, EU, USA, Japan, Korea, China...

Phong Phu consists of 4 main production systems: production systems yarn-sewing thread, fabric production systems, home textile
products and garment products creating a closed production chain from yarn - weaving - dyeing - garment which gave customers a
variety of products, designs and quality. At the same time, Phong Phu is one of the company in Vinatex has a closed chain from raw
material to finish product.

Action slogan “To enrich for your life” we are committed to contributing to the development of communities, protect the environment
and contribute to the creation of employment opportunities for the society. Continuously improve service quality, diversified designs
and product extensions with competitive pricing commitments, regardless of customer confidence.

In the next stage of its development, Phong Phu continues to hold the No. 1 position of Vietnam’s garment industry, region and the
world market through the expansion of investment projects, new investment, improve competitiveness, good sales services and a
team of high quality manpower.

Textile & Garment / Yarn - Thread
Phong Phu with long tradition of fiber production as the strength of the Corporation, the yarn is produced on modern technological lines,
advanced with spinning line system is automatically controlled by machinery and rotbot automatic system. The output quality of the product
being tested tight.

Textile & Garment / Fabric
Products of Phong Phu fabrics (knit and denim) are produced on modern technological lines, closed from yarn - weaving - dyeing - finishing -
finished fabrics, the system designed by the Euro, US, Japan, South Korea and is constantly expanding. Phong Phu fabrics industry
has current with key products and knitted denim fabric.

Textile & Garment / Home Textile
The manufacturing systems of Phong Phu home textile products with key products as towels, blankets pillow cases, bathrobes, socks,
aprons... All are manufactured on modern equipment lines, using a closed technology line from weaving, dyeing and garment complete
production capacity reaches over 500 tons/month.

Textile & Garment / Fashion
Garment is the sector that Phong Phu has promoted in the recent years by providing full package solutions for the customers.
Phong Phu now has more than 100 modern sewing lines with total capacity of 20 millions of products/year for export and domestic market.

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