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We are located in Johannesburg, South Africa with offices in Pretoria and Potchefstroom.

We run an office for the mining and civil engineering industry covering Sub Sahara Africa and have travelled broader onto other
continents when required.

We have an office in South Arica, France and 2 branches in East Africa.

Assegai Geophysics Offers:

Airborne Geophysical Surveys I.e.;
1. Magnetic
2. GAMMA spectrometry
3. Digital video
4. Aerial & ortho photo
5. Thermal infra red
6. LiDar
7. Scalar gravity
8. Near infra red
9. Multi - & hyper - spectral
10. Short wave infra red
11. Electromagnetics

Ground Geophysics
1. Ground Penetrating radar
2. Seismic refraction
3. Multi channel analysis of surface waves
4. Electrical resistivity tomography
5. Induced polarisation
6. Gravity
7. Magnetics
8. Ground electromagnetics
9. Borehole electrical resistivity tomography

Wireline Geophysics
Calibrate both airborne and ground survey's....
1. Lithology analysis
2. Structure Analysis
3. Geotechnical Analysis
4. Rock Strength Analysis
5. Flow rate profiles
6. Mechanical Properties of formation
7. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Industries working in:
1. Mining
2. Environmental
3. Civil engineering
4. Ground water
5. Mineral exploration
6. Geological mapping
7. Precision Agriculture
8. Oil and Gas